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Name: Alice Anne Williams
Description: Alice is 13, and stands 5'1" (six of those inches were gained in the past three months.) She has straight black hair worn in a braid to the middle of her back, dark gray eyes, and pale skin. She's an awkward child who hasn't quite grown into her features yet. She wears a full black dress with black stitching on collars and cuffs and a white apron over a white shift and stockings. Her coat, earmuffs and mittens are red.
History: Alice is the only daughter of a fairly ordinary couple who aren't quite sure what to do with her. They love her, but are terrified of her, which doesn't make for a good relationship. Alice has two souls, which supposedly makes her highly dangerous to other people. She's been privately tutored up until this year, and doesn't like public school very much. She studies necromancy under Master Nichols, and midwifery under Mistress Amorenta, and is very close to her journeyman status in both. Alice has no human friends, and prefers plants to people.
Personality: Alice is very quiet, and doesn't show much emotion, mostly due to having only one face. (it's very hard to be both delighted and horrified at the same time). Grace (the necromantress) is gentle, cruel, and vindictive. She keeps tabs on everyone and everything around her, and takes revenge for the smallest slights in highly imaginative and untraceable ways. Verity (the midwife) is impulsive, fiercely protective, and irritable, but she's as quick to forgive as she is to anger.
Abilities: Alice can, with a lot of prep, raise the dead, heal somewhat serious wounds,lay the dead back to rest, and deliver a baby. She can also read someone's soul, if necessary, though it's considered rude.
Alice was summoned by Mudd, who presented her with a gold fountain pen called Truth because Anne means grace.
Meet Alice. She's a little odd. Her picture is here: [link]

For :icontbos-oct:.
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May 18, 2011
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