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Name: Katy Frost
Description: Blond, brown eyes. Wears navy coveralls and a box cap. Works as a zoo-keeper, specifically for the penguins.
History: Katy is the youngest of two, and a vet. She's hoping for a promotion. She looks after 28 penguins.
Personality: Mostly cheerful, somewhat pessimistic. Snarky.
Abilities: Is a vet.

Name: Charlie
Description: Emperor Penguin. Black, white, has a beak.
History: Charlie was bred in captivity and likes fish.
Personality: Likes fish. Is curious about the outside world.
Abilities: Penguin. He's cute?

Taken by: The book. Katy has a page, but currently thinks it's litter, and has simply shoved it in her pocket.
Placeholder for ~GreyPezzola, who cannot get online. A more complete version will be posted on her account when she can.
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May 18, 2011
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